Who I am


I am a passionate Supply Chain Professional who, it turns out, is easily distracted.  I love to write and share my experiences.  I also enjoy connecting with people and having open discussions about how to move forward and how to embrace change.  I am a Supply Chain Educator, teaching Demand Driven MRP classes and APICS Certification (CSCP) classes.  Touring facilities and visiting with company leaders and other Supply Chain Professionals is my favorite way to spend time.


Why I do this


For years, I was too busy to follow my passion.  I got caught up in the daily grind.  I'm still busy, but now I'm following my passion.  So, what used to be work now is called fun.  

I am constantly searching for things to learn.  I wonder why, all the time.  Why does it work like that?  How did this happen?  What can we do to prevent it?  Who could tell us the process?  When did everything change?


What I can do for you


If you would like to connect, drop me an email or visit www.becomedemanddriven.com.  Inventory Management is my particular expertise, but I enjoy figuring out problems and helping others grow.  I particularly enjoy mentoring young colleagues as I learn as much from them as they learn from me.  

Visit Become Demand Driven to learn more about: Certifications, Training Programs, Consulting, Virtual Events.

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